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⎘ We can’t go round it – we’ll have to go through it

As part of About Time SPUR present their new publication ‘We can’t go round it – we’ll have to go through it’.

The theme of the publication is Time, and the fear of looking forward and back through it, as a continuation of our research in to Chronophobia. The title ‘We can’t go round it – we’ll have to go through it’ is taken from the children’s story ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ and relays this fear of having to proceed through something you have no knowledge of, there is no way to go round time, you have to go through the present to reach the future.

The new commissions for the publication consider the dinosaur as the narrative, referring to its presence in films that defy time and pretend to us a history we have little knowledge of (Land Before Time) and films that seek to portray a way of clashing the past with the present/near future (Jurassic Park). Through contemporary culture, dinosaurs are ever present, in toys, games, films and children’s apparel/accessories dinosaurs live as a cliche image used for decoration and explorative narratives.

The publication launched as part of Arts Licks Weekend in October and will be available to pick up from Timeshare at The Brunswick for the duration of the About Time programme.