Day 5 – Flora
by Admin - 02/11/2016

Visit to FLORA http://arteflora.org/en/



Day 5 (Continued) – Plaza BolĂ­var
by Admin - 01/11/2016 img_0822


Day 4 – Monserrate
by James Maxfield - 31/10/2016

Day 4 – Monserrate Today is Monday and much like in the UK many of the galleries are closed so we have taken a day off to ride in the cable car up to the top of Monserrate, the mountain that over looks the city. SPUR on tour!!!  



Day 3 – Feria Del Millon
by James Maxfield -

Day 3; Mercado de las puglas en usaquen & Feria Del Millon Today we visited a traditional Columbian market Mercado de las puglas en usaquen, after which we travelled to the other side of the city to spend the afternoon at Feria Del Millon; an art fair for artists with out gallery representation, where all the works […]



Day 1 & 2 – First round up
by Abi Mitchell - 30/10/2016

Arrival: 2.30am Friday morning / time difference 6 hours behind UK Day 1: visit KB, SGR and ArtBo Day 2: Collectors brunch, Art Nexus 40th anniversary, Do Ho Suh opening & Odeon Art Fair.   Our first day began at 2.30am when we arrived at Bogota international airport. Driving through the city at night in […]



Bogota, Columbia Reaserch Trip
by James Maxfield - 24/10/2016

We are off at the end of this week on a research trip to Bogota, Columbia supported by The British Council. We will be making regular posts on here about what we see and learn.