Day 1 & 2 – First round up

Arrival: 2.30am Friday morning / time difference 6 hours behind UK

Day 1: visit KB, SGR and ArtBo

Day 2: Collectors brunch, Art Nexus 40th anniversary, Do Ho Suh opening & Odeon Art Fair.


Our first day began at 2.30am when we arrived at Bogota international airport. Driving through the city at night in a tiny little yellow taxi was a calming start to what becomes a hectic few days. A short early morning nap in the hostel allowed us chance to catch up with the time difference and a second early breakfast (first at 1am on the plane, second at 7.30am in the hostel) started our trip as we meant to go on (double breakfast, double brunch becoming the standard).

So many brunches.

Brunch at KB, delicious mini doughnuts and ice tea, champagne and cheese at SGR, followed by coffee in the ArtBo VIP lounge and listening in on the Cally Spooner talk on performance/performativity.

Day two started with another brunch, at KB founders and art collectors, a great contemporary collection of Latin American art. The 40th anniversary party for ArtNexus, Latin American’s foremost contemporary art magazine was a showcase of the full back catalogue and current works from the artist studios above the project space. We caught the Do Ho Suh opening before venturing to the Odeon Art Fair where KB were hosting pop up events in the bar.

Committee highlights:

Abi (SPUR) highlight so far: Danielle Kovalski Monsonego large scale drawings and funny male/female photos at SGR

James (MEXICO) highlight so far: Getting tattooed at Odeon Art Fair by Bogota based artist Juan Echeverri.

Sme (SPUR) highlight so far: Crying at the art fair (Juan Uribe)

Elspeth (SPUR) highlight so far: “Treat yo Selfie” badges by Mariana Jurado Rico at Odeon Art Fair / KB

Zoe (MEXICO) highlight so far: the architecture, doughnuts, pinatas and sprinkle lip at KB, Danielle Kovalski Monsonego Selecion show at SGR, the curated Reference section and art bookshop at Artbo

Gill (PAVILION) highlight so far: Marcelo Brodsky’s photographic series 1968: El fuego de las ideas stood out for me at ArtBo. The work uses documentary photographs and text to explore the collective memory of the social movements that emerged in 1968  in cities around the globe including in Bogota, Buenos Aires, Paris, Tokyo and Prague.

Simon (MEXICO) highlight so far: Paintings by Merike Estna at Odeon, music in taxis.

Day 3: This morning we watched the film ‘And what does your mother do?’ (1981) by the Bogota-based women’s film collective Cine Mujer. We are keen to find out more about the collective during our trip. If you have any info please get in touch with [email protected]






Cone Spa at KB






Cally Spooner talk at Artbo


Art Nexus 40th anniversary brunch


Odeon Art Fair