Day 3 – Feria Del Millon

Day 3; Mercado de las puglas en usaquen & Feria Del Millon

Today we visited a traditional Columbian market Mercado de las puglas en usaquen, after which we travelled to the other side of the city to spend the afternoon at Feria Del Millon; an art fair for artists with out gallery representation, where all the works are priced under 1,000,000 pesos (around £312).

The first floor of the fair was a spot-lit space filled with new media and technology-based works, a lot of interactive installations which featured video, light and sound, with the upper floor filled with more wall-based work including a lot of print and photo collages. A favourite was another of Danielle Kovalski interconnected textile works and large jumper hanging.



Esteban Zapata


Danielle Kovalski


The view from the roof