Anna Peaker

As part of About Time, Anna Peaker has been commissioned to produce a series of prints relating to the programme’s themes. Titled Core Rope Memory, the work explores the relationship between industry, technology and women’s work. For more information about the work in development, follow the Core Rope Memory research blog

Anna Peaker is a graphic artist/ designer based in Leeds. She works with print and moving image and is interested in design history.

The prints are available to buy online with prices ranging from £10 – £45.

Georgie Grace

A wonderful future where you have back up copies is part of an ongoing research project into speculative technologies, wishful thinking, and the concept of The Singularity. Beginning with the claim made by tech entrepreneurs that in the near future we might be able to scan and fully capture the data of our minds, the video explores what implications the ability to upload our brains and restore ourselves from back up would have for our concepts of time, memory, experience and risk.

Georgie Grace is part of the Jerwood 3 Phase project and has recently shown at East Side Projects in Birmingham and Jerwood Space in London. Her practice considers the intangible quality of the digital screen through still and moving image.


Harold Offeh

Choreograph Me is an ongoing project by artist Harold Offeh. The performance invites audiences to develop a series of instructions for Offeh to enact and perform live. Over the period of 30 minutes Offeh performs the instructions which indicate movements. By offering his body as a material to be experimented with, Offeh hopes to explore the question of how an artist can be used as a sculptural material and made useful to an audience. The performance took place in the Henry Moore Lecture Theatre at Leeds Art Gallery. An earlier manifestation of the project was part of Situation Unit, curated by Paul Stewart and Mima. It will be presented again in January 2016 with Iniva at The London Art Fair.