Chronophobia - 24/10/2015

Chronophobia means a fear of the future. In this audio and visual broadcast SPUR will explore possible futures to either confirm or assuage these fears through key texts that propose creative literary predictions of possible futures, fashion, stock or weather forecasting and live fortune telling. Chronophobia will be presented as part of Project Radio, an exhibition space and online […]

Copy of Spur cyrstal ball


Phill Hopkins: Daily - 23/10/2015 -02/11/2015

What is it that marks the passage of time for us as individuals? Phill Hopkins, originally a native of Bristol, educated at Goldsmith’s and for a long time an established artist that has chosen to locate himself in Leeds, has a voracious appetite for world news and the situations that we as human beings find […]



Eleanor Clare & Dylan Marsh: The Travels of The Toucher - 20/11/2015 -27/11/2015

With cardboard boxes over their heads, and two holes punched out for their arms, they began with wet clay, and without any other idea than to see what came by handling it. What they arrived at was not a sculpture, but a way to begin. The forms were destroyed and remodelled – the possibility to […]



We can’t go round it – we’ll have to go through it - 16/10/2016 -17/10/2016

As part of About Time SPUR present their new publication ‘We can’t go round it – we’ll have to go through it’. The theme of the publication is Time, and the fear of looking forward and back through it, as a continuation of our research in to Chronophobia. The title ‘We can’t go round it […]


Galentines Day 2016 - 13/02/2016

What’s Galentine’s Day you ask? Oh, it’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, Leslie Knope and her lady friends leave their partners at home and just kick it breakfast style. Inspired by Leslie Knope (from the television show *Parks and Recreation*) SPUR invites you to celebrate Galentines 2016 with a special screening […]



DKUK LEEDS - 09/01/2016 -23/01/2016

To celebrate the end of the ‘British Art Show 8’ DKUK salon will be popping up in Leeds for three weeks, presenting Alan Kane’s Vanity Suite/Sorry originally commissioned in 2015. In Vanity Suite/Sorry, Kane offers a wry take on the long tradition of contemplating mortality within art. Brought to Leeds by Mexico Projects as part of About Time, Vanity […]



The Glass Cyphers - 06/10/2015 -10/10/2015

The glass cyphers is a collaboration between artists Griet Beyaert and Paul Miller, fusing glass making and digital technology in an experimental investigation of light and form. The artists will be working from Left Bank Leeds for two weeks and will utilise this time to refine their multi-layered videos projection-mapped onto glass sculptures suspended in […]



Juno Calypso: Artist Presentation and Q&A - 01/01/1970

As Joyce, a staged fictional character, photographer Juno Calypso confines herself to rented bedrooms and honeymoon suites to study and perform modern rituals of seduction reflecting on the laboured construction of femininity. Using the About Time theme of ‘Women’s Time’ as a construct for discussion Juno will present her photography and video work followed by […]



Leeds Art Walk - 02/03/2016 -

The Leeds Art Walk is a monthly tour of exhibitions in Leeds programmed by Pavilion. The event aims to introduce those curious about the arts to the diverse range of visual arts offerings in Leeds. Each month the schedule includes three exhibitions which are introduced by an artist or curator.The Leeds Art Walk takes place […]


The Follies of Youth - -

The Follies of Youth is a network of emerging artists and curators based in Leeds. It was founded by Pavilion in 2012 as an initiative that addresses the need for better professional development in the visual arts. We are currently inviting emerging artists and curators to participate in the next instalment of The Follies of Youth that will form part of the About […]



Curatorial Consortium - -

Curators in Leeds are invited to join a Curatorial Consortium led by Griselda Pollock (University of Leeds) in collaboration with Pavilion. The consortium aims to contribute to the evaluation of British Art Show 8 and to enable discussion about what it means to curate, commission and produce contemporary art in urban cultural centres. The next […]


Klaus Lang on Ilkley Moor - -

Following an intimate performance on Ilkley Moor, SPUR launch a new film made by Ollie Jenkins featuring Austrian composer and organist Klaus Lang, violist Barbara Konrad and a new work by Leeds-based composer Oliver Thurley. Lang is interested in the possibilities of sound in different landscape and spaces. In his work music is seen as […]


Women in Sink - -

Women in Sink tells the story of a little hair salon in the heart of the Christian Arab community in Haifa, where director Iris Zaki goes to work as a shampoo girl. Placing her camera above the washing-basin, where the clients enjoy a head massage, Iris converses with Arab and Jewish women from different generations […]



Every possible question vanished, every possible answer provided - -

Curated by Village, this collaboration by Craig Barker and Theo Simpson can be regarded in terms of a pause within an ongoing performance. This momentary pause temporarily stabilizes the materials, objects and information into patterns of consumption, where a unique conversation takes place before it must be disassembled, returning to the artists’ archives. A theoretical framework is […]