About Time,
Tuesday 18th, October

Capitalist Realism – A Critical Reading

Assembly House invites you to join us in a critical discussion of Mark Fisher’s book Capitalist Realism, as part of the About Time contemporary art programme. Hosted in the Time Share space at The Brunswick.

The short and enaging book explores how our contemporary condition is framed by a False Reality produced by Capital to bind us to it’s project. It explores the way it does this, it’s consequences and how it subssumes opositional ideas, in order to seek out the contradictions that may allow us to move beyond it.

The book makes reference to popular culture, including films and literature to help us relate to the subject matter. We will screen some of the referenced scenes in order to bring the text to life.

Reading the text beforehand is not essential as selections will be read out, but doing so will help you to better contribute to discussion, and suggest selections for discussion. The text is a short read, with clear and enjoyable prose, that can be completed in a single evening.