About Time,
Monday 17th, October

Film screening: Crazy

Crazy (1999) is a documentary film by Heddy Honigmann which intimately confront the traumatic effects of war on soldiers of the Dutch United Nations peacekeeping forces following missions in the former Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Lebanon, Cambodia, and Rwanda.

The film is based on a series of profoundly personal interviews with soldiers, each pivoting around a particularly poignant piece of music chosen by the subject because of the disturbing events it helped them endure and the deeply affecting memories it recalls.

The screening will be introduced by Dr Claire Launchbury (University of Leeds) whose research is concerned with the way cultural production operates in dialogue with political conflict.

This extends ideas explored in Pavilion’s recent Images & Journeys programme which confronts the place of culture in a state of emergency.

Tickets can be bought at the standard cinema prices from the Hyde Park Picture House box office or online