About Time,
Tuesday 18th, October


Assembly House presents the first event in a series exploring how the concept of Metabiosis can serve as a framework for the production of Art and Critical discourse. 

Metabiosis n. – A form of ecological dependence in which modification of the environment by an organism, especially a microorganism, provides conditions that enable one or more different kinds of organism to grow and multiply. Also: the alteration of the environment brought about by such a relationship.

To explore the idea of Metabiosis in terms of a socio-historical phenomenon we will screen Dziga Vertov’s The Eleventh Year [1928] and then discuss Devin Fore’s reading of the film in his essay The Metabiotic State.

Reading the essay beforehand is not essential as extracts will be read out, but those that do read the text are welcome to put forward selections for discussion.

We are interested to hear ideas for artworks following on from this event and the ideas discussed, and there may be opportunities to exhibit next year as part of a Metabiotic framework.