About Time,
Monday 17th, October


Phoenix Dance Theatre will be discussing TearFall, a new dance piece inspired by the exploration of the biochemical make up of tears, and how their appearance and composition is affected by different emotional states. Supported by the Welcome Trust and developed  in partnership with Professor Sir John Holman from York University and dramaturge Lou Cope, TearFall looks at the differences between how tears function and how they are perceived, asking why we cry, what happens when we laugh until we cry.

Dr. John Stell is both process based artist and senior lecturer in the School of Computing at the University of Leeds working in the field of Artificial Intelligence. His main area of expertise is knowledge representation and reasoning for spatial information. This involves mathematical and logical structures for dealing with information that may be vague and uncertain as well as varying over time and dependent on level of detail. The work builds on a various fields of research including qualitative spatial reasoning, rough set theory, and mathematical morphology.

One more speaker yet to be confirmed.

The Superposition is a loose affiliation of artists, scientists and makers in Leeds city-region who share an interest in interdisciplinary research, technology, art and the use of materials and process. ‘Superposition’ is a technical term in quantum mechanics, which describes an object which can exist in more than one location/ state simultaneously.  Over the last three years the group has been organising an ongoing programme of events and experimental organisational structures to explore areas of crossover between the working practices of artists, scientists and makers.