About Time,
Tuesday 18th, October

Futures Past publication launch

Futures Past is a collaborative publication produced by The Follies of Youth as part of About Time, exploring how post-industrial advancements have changed the way we experience and value time. Picking up on historic themes such as Leeds’ lost trams, the ill fated fabric Crimplene, and antiquated time machines, the Follies imagine possible futures through the lens of the past.

Join us for our publication launch where you will be invited to assemble and take away your own free copy of Futures Past. A selection of prints and video works will be on display, and visitors will receive a complimentary drink while supplies last.

Futures Past is edited by Lara Eggleton and designed by Anna Peaker, with contributions by Alice Chandler, Lucy Courtney-Clegg, D’arcy Darlimaz, Pippa Eason, Clemency Jones, Terence Lister, Hayley Reid, Marta Saccavino, Loïs Soleil, Carol Sorhaindo, Emily Towler and Sunny Vowles.

The Follies of Youth is a network of emerging artists, designers, researchers and curators based in Leeds. It was founded by Pavilion in 2012 as an initiative that addresses the need for better professional development in the visual arts. Over the duration of About Time, a group of emerging artists and curators have been working with curator and writer Lara Eggleton on the production of a publication that, through new critical and creative writing, explores the About Time themes.