About Time,
Tuesday 18th, October

Time Travel Movie Marathon

As part of About Time, Assembly House presents a Time Travel Movie Marathon at The Brunswick.

The Marathon will consist of screenings of three films, selected by David Wittenberg, writer of Time Travel: The Popular Philosophy of Narrative.

12:00 РLa Jet̩e (28 Mins)
12:50 – Primer (1h 17m)
15:30 – Happy Accidents (1h 50m)
18:30 – Timecrimes (1h 32m)

Wittenberg’s book draws upon physics, philosophy, narrative theory, pyschoanalysis and film theory to link innovations in time travel fiction to specific shifts in the popularisation of science from evolutionary theory, through relativity and quantum physics to the more recent multiverse cosmologies.

The screenings will be punctuated with critical discussions, video and audio of Wittenberg discussing the subject, and breaks. Attendees won’t be expected to attend the whole event and can just turn up for specific films. There is no need to book and the event is free.